There are plenty of resources available online for parents seeking information. These are just a few selections:

Baby Health Center - The Mayo Clinic - includes links for feeding, grooming, and a variety of other baby health care topics. Parenting & Family - has a large selection of information about many subjects, though the navigation can be a little bit difficult in finding what you're looking for.
Newborn News Corner - collects news and current articles about babies, newborns, and general childcare in a blog.
All About Baby Products - still a fledgling site, but aims to expand and provide a centralized place of reviews and articles about baby products; includes a forum for users to contribute.
ParentTime baby tips - the site is a little heavy on advertising, but has quite a few useful articles.

**Please note: these links and resources are provided as a convenience for visitors seeking more information and are not intended as a direct endorsement.