D'tox Trimm RM58

Detox Your Way To A Healthier & Trimmer Body

Everyday we are exposed to endless types of toxins from what we eat, drink, touch and even breathe. All these toxins affect our health in many ways, causing:

Sluggish energy levels & tiredness

Muscle soreness, aches & pains

Indigestion, bloatedness & gas

Bad breath, unpleasant body odour

Dull skin with uneven tones

Weight gain & water retention

Weakened immune defenses

Skin breakouts, including eczema, rashes, pimples & boils

It is relatively easy to eliminate water-soluble toxins from our bodies, but most toxins in our bodies are fat-soluble and hard to eliminate. Fortunately, some of the important sulphur-containing components found in cruciferous plants (brocoli, cabbage, etc.) can convert fat-soluble toxins into the more easily eliminated water-soluble toxins. When you eliminate these toxins, you will feel refreshed, energised and rejuvenated. It will also improve your skin, and alleviate most of your health problems. Plus, you'll be overjoyed to see those stubborn fat bulges disappear!

D'tox Trimm: Solution to Shed Kilos & Improve Vitality
D'tox Trimm is prepared from fermented fruits, vegetables and other plants (including brocoli, black dates, cabbage, cactus, cassia, chlorella, fennel, ginger, green papaya, kale, liquorice, mulberry, oatmeal, pineapple, parsley, spinach, spirulina, soybean, wheat grass) along with healthful friendly bacteria that help to accelerate internal cleansing and facilitate the total detoxification process.

Eliminates toxins

Alleviates constipation

Improves health

Assists weight loss