K'zanah Ginger Extract Cream RM22.90

Flatten Your Bulging Tummy, Free Yourself from Aches & Pains
Not happy with your bulging tummy?
Suffering from flatulence?
Suffering from menstrual cramps?
Feeling bloated?
Experiencing stomach discomfort?
Sore joints and muscles?
Unsightly orange peel skin?
Tired, aching legs & feet?

A non-greasy multifunction cream with ginger essential oil, and a special blend of wintergreen oil, citronella oil and white tea tree oil. Uses super concentrated and specially selected ginger extract that adds a special oomph. Non-sticky, non-staining formula absorbs quickly into the skin so you can get dressed immediately after using.

Soothes backache, muscle & joint discomfortRub it onto your back or joints when you're suffering from aches, pains, joint discomfort during rainy days, or rheumatism.

Relieves tired, aching legs & feetRub it onto legs and feet after a long day to relieve tiredness or soreness. It improves circulation, reduces fluid retention and reduces soreness with its natural mild analgesic properties.

Alleviates menstrual cramps & bloatingIf you suffer from cramps or bloating during that time of the month, rub it onto your tummy for a soothing relief.

Reduces bloatedness, flatulence & tummy discomfortIndigestion or eating things like beans can cause gassiness. Just rub K'zanah Ginger Extract Cream onto your tummy for quick relief!

Great as a warming massage creamWhether you're in need of a massage, relaxation or improved circulation, K'zanah Ginger Extract Cream is the answer. It leaves you feeling refreshed with its uplifting and energising scent.

Flattens bulging tummyWhether your bulging tummy is due to flatulence or fat accumulation, K'zanah Ginger Extract Cream is the solution for you. Just rub it on once daily to activate your circulation and enhance fat breakdown.

Expels "wind"Excellent for postnatal mothers to rid of "wind" and firm up loose skin on the tummy after delivery*. Great for use with a corset (bengkung). *not suitable for the tummy area after a Caesarian section